Securing the future of kids affected by Ebola in Sierra Leone

We believe that all kids should have a chance. A chance to grow, prosper and feel secure. A chance to achieve their full potential in life, regardless of the circumstances into which they were born, or the tragedies they have experienced.

At Wharf Kids we believe that that chance comes in the form of education. We cannot change the world, but we can try to change the future for some of the poorest children in Sierra Leone, whose lives have been devastated by Ebola. By funding their schooling, we offer these youngsters the chance to educate themselves out of the grinding cycle of poverty.

We are already funding the education of 67 children, and take great pride in what we are achieving as a small grassroots charity. With your support we can continue to grow. Read on to meet some of the Wharf Kids and find out how you can help.