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The 500 mile Camino pilgrimage route and other news

We are thrilled that Ash Richardson, a gap year teacher at Hazlegrove School in the UK, will be walking the 500 mile Camino pilgrimage route this summer from south west France to north west Spain to raise money for MWK. Her main mission is to help fund Magazine Wharf Kid Yeanoh Mansaray, through an engineering degree. An inspirational role model for her two sisters and other girls in the wharf, Yeanoh is currently in her final year at the Annie Walsh School – one of the best schools in Sierra Leone –  and hopes to continue her studies at University. We are determined to fund her towards a brighter future, and are very grateful for Ash’s fundraising support.

Also check out the fantastic video above Ash has made about her campaign and our work at MWK.

YeanohUnfortunately Yeanoh and her sisters have had a particularly tough week. After a very short and sudden illness their father sadly died. Desperately young by UK standards (54) but less so in a country where the male life expectancy is still less than 50, but another cruel blow. He was a lovely man who managed to safeguard and protect his family during the Ebola crisis, despite every family around them contracting the virus. It makes the work of our generous sponsors and supporters even more critical. Amid all the tragedy of this week, Yeanoh has been profuse in her gratitude for what we are doing for her and her sisters, so thank you for your continued support and best of luck to Ash for her walk.

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