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Iron Man and Ultramarathon fundraisers

This weekend two of our sponsors and fundraisers completed massive sporting feats to raise money for Magazine Wharf Kids.

Dr Lucy Lamb was one of the remarkable and brave people who came to Sierra Leone during the height of the crisis to work in an Ebola treatment centre while so many others were fleeing. This weekend Lucy demonstrated her bravery and endurance once more by completing a massive 100km ‘ultra marathon’ along Britain’s oldest path in Race to the Stones.

Another of our supporters, Nigel Clay, raised £540 for MWK by taking part in an Iron Man event which involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26 mile run. We are in awe! Nigel’s wife was also an Ebola doctor out in Sierra Leone, proving that all three of them are quite extraordinary!

While they were proving themselves as sporting greats, Samuel was with two of our most desperate families, discussing ways to help them find long-term sustainable income sources. We simply couldn’t help these desperate people without the help of our sponsors and supporters. Thank you again for supporting the education of kids affected by Ebola.

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