We are currently funding the future of 67 children but there are plenty more that need our help. Providing education is our primary focus because we believe all children deserve the chance to educate themselves out of poverty.

It doesn’t take much to sponsor a child. As little as £10 per month will pay for a young child’s annual schooling. A little extra will cover their uniforms, books and other associated costs.

Over time we hope and expect some of our children to excel, to go on to university, and to have a real, tangible opportunity to achieve their full potential. A year at university in Freetown costs approximately £800 – £1000 per year, a sum far beyond the dreams of the families and children of Magazine Wharf. But with your support we can make it happen.

There are other ways to secure a child’s future too. Between £100 and £130 a year is enough to house a family for a year, while a one off donation of £30 will provide emergency food relief for a struggling household.

There are many ways in which you can support our work. We particularly welcome hearing from people who would like to fundraise for Wharf Kids. Over the past year we have had supporters run ultra marathons, compete in Iron Man triathlons, walk the 500 mile Camino trail, and run house sales. No contribution is too small or too large!