The Ebola outbreak that devastated Sierra Leone between 2014-2016 killed almost 4,000 people, and left in its wake a trail of tragedy and broken families. Wharf Kids supports children that were affected by Ebola living in one of Freetown’s poorest neighbourhoods.

Although Ebola affected communities throughout Sierra Leone, the impoverished and densely populated wharf areas of the capital, Freetown, suffered disproportionate devastation. Entire families were decimated by the virus and many children were left orphaned. For the survivors, whose prospects were bleak before Ebola, the aftermath was tragic.

Wharf Kids founder, Charlie Herbert, was the UK military commander deployed to Sierra Leone as part of the international response to the crisis. Faced daily with the grim reality of life for these children and the financial struggles of the surviving family members, Charlie began supporting those most in need by assisting with school fees and basic living costs.

From these humble beginnings in mid-2015, Wharf Kids now funds the education of 67 children in Freetown, and provides livelihood support to a number of their adult carers. With your support we can continue to grow and broaden our impact, providing a secure future for disadvantaged youngsters after Ebola.